A teachers’ reaction to “Celebtrating America’s Multicultural Heritage”, Bruce Segal’s presentation on diversity.

Video Transcription:

“I think that the presentation today was an absolutely wonderful way to portray the differences of children through their culture, clothing, food and their language. By getting them to participate directly into the program show itself it made the presentation a lot more interactive. It also made it close to home, they can make connections to it either to their own personal cultures or just getting to see other people portray their cultures. I feel like the kids had a great time with the show today they participated, they were raising their hands they were all so excited to be picked to be part of the answering and part of the show I think that they took a lot away with them from this with being able to recognize that just because we all look different and dress different doesn't mean that we're any different at all on the inside.  I would recommend Bruce in this program. I think that it would show children again the diversity and how we could all, starting at this grade group level, be able to interact with others and show our diversity and how it can bring us together instead of dividing us.”



Written by : Bruce Segal