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Are you looking for a way to help students understand the importance of conserving our remaining rainforests? Have you recently completed, or are you planning a unit on ecosystems? Is there as much information as you want in the texts and supplemental materials provided? Do your students need something fun to keep them motivated to learn?  Mind Your Planet has the right program for you!

Project Rainforest 

The erosion of the world's rainforests is a complex issue and one that needs attention. Children growing up today must understand why rainforests are important to the diversity, and survival of our planet. An all-school assembly, a grade-level assembly, or a special interest assembly are a few ways to include this fantastic 45-minute presentation in your school's or classroom's curriculum.  Here are a few ways the children in your group will benefit from our Project Rainforest assembly. 

• We describe the natural rainforest ecosystem and give illustrations of what this looks like throughout the presentation. Plants, insects, animals, and people are all part of this diverse habitat. When one species is out-of-balance, the others suffer. A seven-minute video shows animals that depend on the rainforest for survival and loggers clear-cutting a rainforest in Central America. Children see the impact of deforestation on the various plant and animal species.

• A focus on the appreciation for the beauty and diversity of life in the rainforests helps children appreciate the aesthetic value of this wonderland. The scope of diversity in this almost magical place is staggering. Discoveries of never-before-seen species of insects, plants, animals, and fungi regularly occur with far-reaching effects for medicine and life improvement. These discoveries are even more vital than preserving the beauty.  

• We feature everyday products that come from the rainforest such as chocolate, rubber, tea, and chewing gum. Easily expand these topics in the classroom after the program is over. Children extend their learning when researching these everyday items and exploring subjects like, how far these products travel from their origin, harvesting techniques, the impact on the environment from harvesting, and determining how to improve stewardship of the rainforests. 

• We address climate change and global warming, a major concern for our earth today. Climate change is significantly affected by the condition and the prevalence of rainforests which act as a filter for our atmosphere. Children learn more about the effects of global warming when the rainforests silently disappear, and why it is so critical to reverse this trend. 

• We discuss ways to use rainforest products without destroying habitats and environments. Children learn about "green living" with rainforest products and which species are in danger of extinction from over-harvesting.  

• The primary goal is an awakened sense of the importance of Rainforests in children's, and everyone's lives.  Many are moved to take steps to help save the rainforests through personal action. Again, classes and individual children seek out ways to implement this information. A classroom or school-wide project to impact the effects of deforestation, or to raise funds to help struggling families living in deplorable poverty in the rainforests, or other actions, such a political action, often follows. 

We keep all of our program costs reasonable so we can reach as many children with this important message as possible.

Project Rainforest is suitable for kids from kindergarten through eighth grades. The video, discussion, hands-on learning, and storytelling are some of the presentation methods used. Individual classrooms, all-school assemblies, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, home-schooling groups, summer camps and community children's programs are all welcomed to contact us for more information about reserving a presentation for your group. 

Only skilled actors and educators are employed for our presentations, to make sure the entire performance holds children's interest, while they learn and enjoy.  

Additional programs are available. For enthusiastic references and testimonials from teachers around the United States and a list of our programs, visit our website, Mind Your Planet.

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Written by : Bruce Segal