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Where Have All the Animals Gone?

What teacher or parent doesn't dread questions like these-- "Mrs. B where are the animals that used to be here? Why are they not here? Why do people let them die?"

The truth is animals disappear at an alarming rate.  According to experts, one species disappears from our lives, and from our earth, every twenty minutes.  As evidenced by the fossil record, the normal rate of extinction is one species every one-hundred years. This accelerated extinction rate is a disaster that must be stopped or at least slowed. Teaching children about Endangered Animals through our assembly program will help them to understand that we all must work together to solve this problem.  

Children deserve to know what is happening in their world. Only when they know and understand the scope of the problem will our future adults be able to handle the problem constructively. 

Mind Your Planet's forty-five-minute assembly program will leave children with a basic understanding of which species are facing extinction today and some of the many complex reasons why.  Designed for children from kindergarten through eighth grade all of Mind Your Planet's programs hold children's attention and spark their curiosity. Our Endangered Animals assembly involves children in the presentation using a variety of teaching methods including a short video presentation, costumed child actors, professional adult actors, stories and interactive activities.

The Endangered Species assembly program is the perfect enrichment for many school topics such as:

  • A science unit about ecosystems
  • A social studies unit on how logging and farming affect communities and animals
  • A geography unit on how the earth changes
  • A kick-off for a school project on wildlife preservation
  • A special interest assembly

These are just a few of the classroom topics that would coordinate well with an assembly about Endangered Animals.  

Endangered Animals assemblies are not just for schools. Other kid groups will also enjoy and benefit from the learning they gain from an informative presentation. 

  • Girl Scout troops  
  • Boy Scout troops
  • After school programs
  • Summer Camps
  • School-age summertime day care programs
  • YWCA And YMCA children's programs
  • Homeschool cooperatives

Here are a few of the benefits children gain from our Endangered Animals presentation. 

  • Children are impassioned to do something about the extinction of animals in our world. This could lead to a career in animal or environmental sciences. 
  • Kid's new awareness that a problem exists, and that humans are responsible for many cases of extinction, helps children understand that we affect our environment. This awareness is an important concept for children's growth and learning. 
  • Children have an opportunity to hear a different perspective at an  Endangered Animals presentation. They listen to their teacher every day and enjoy hearing information from someone else. 
  • Guest speakers support learning when the teacher is less knowledgeable about a particular topic. This provides children with a more extensive knowledge of the topic. 
  • Common Core science objectives include developing an understanding of the interdependence of animals with their ecosystems. This assembly helps with understanding this Core concept. 
  • STEM education is an important focus for most schools today. Our Endangered Animals presentation incorporates science and math, with the use of technology to help children understand what is happening to animals in our world. 

In addition to all of the educationally sound reasons to host an Endangered Animals assembly at your school, let's not forget about fun!  Our presenters make the hour we spend with your students an informative, exciting, and fun learning experience they will remember. To see who our presenters are, and to check out all of our available programs.  

See who our presenters are and check out all of our available educational assembly programs. You will find our fees and references listed within the site. Reserve a date today for your students to learn more about the world they live in through our Endangered Animals assembly program.  

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