• Project Rainforest

    Project Rainforest

Through our stunning visuals and lively presentation, we can bring the dazzling beauty - and devastating loss - of the world’s rainforests to life. Our program is appropriate for grades from K-8, up to our maximum group size of 300…

After seeing the Project Rainforest presentation, you will be able to:
• Describe the natural ecosystem of a rainforest, including its plants, insects, animals, and people.
• Appreciate the beauty and diversity of life in the rainforests.
• Identify everyday products that come from the rainforest.
• Discuss the relationship of rainforests to climate change and global warming.
• Identify ways to use rainforest products without destroying the habitat.
• Take steps to save the rainforests through personal and political action.

We show a seven minute film of wildlife in Central America taken by Bruce Segal in his 8 trips to Rainforests, including images of mammals, insects, & reptiles, and loggers clearcutting forested areas.

Using student volunteers, we demonstrate large props that represent products from the tropics: Chewing gum, chocolate, tea, & rubber and then explain how these products are harvested.

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